Exchange Bkash to Perfect Money, Buy PM Dollar with Bkash

You can buy easily Perfect Money dollars with Bkash BDT in USD CARE. Just follow the simple steps to complete your exchange Bkash to Perfect Money below.

To start exchanging on USD CARE, first, log in to your account. If you haven’t any account on here. Just create an account with some simple steps. And come to the exchange page of our service.

“Don’t be worried or excited about seeing the exchange rate in the picture. You will get the running exchange rate at the time of exchange”

Bkash to Perfect Money 1

Follow the steps with numbering instructions:

1. Select Bkash Personal BDT on Send section,

2. Select Perfect Money USD on receive section,

3. Write the amount of how much you want to Buy or exchange. On receive option, receive amount will be added automatically by running the exchange rate.

4. Click on the Exchange button and go to the next page.

Bkash to Perfect Money 2

5.  Enter your active email address to contact you (If we have any questions),

6. Write your PM UID to get payment on that,

7. Enter your Active mobile number to contact you (If we have any questions)

8. Click on the process exchange button to go next page

Bkash to Perfect Money 3

9. Check the information you submitted to contact and get payment,

10. See the amount you have to send to us via Bkash Personal (Send Money).

11. Click on Confirm order button to go next page

Bkash to Perfect Money 4

12. See our Bkash Personal Number and copy it. Then send the payment amount on this number on (Send Money) Option.

(13) Enter The Bkash transaction id on this box,

(14) Click on confirm transaction button to complete your process.

Then an admin will check your transaction manually and you will get your payment in 5-30 minutes. If you have more urgency you can contact on live chat or what’s app support to get paid too fast.

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